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Why School Travel Needs To Be An Important Part Of The School Curriculum.

There are many parents and teachers out there who feel that learning should take place only in a school environment because it keeps the students focused and teachers are able to tell them more using books. There are others however who realise the importance of real life experience and there is only so much that you can teach in the classroom before students start to switch off and just don’t listen any more. Learning needs to be informative and yet fun, so many schools are now incorporating essential school travel into the overall school curriculum.

This is excellent news for the many students out there and now they can begin to enjoy the many kinds of expedition tours currently available to get the students out into the real world where they can put all of the learning into practice. If you as a parent or educator are still somewhat reluctant to embrace school travel as part of the learning process then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help to change your mind for the better.

  • It promotes real learning – There is only so much that any educator can teach from books and then after that the kids really do need to experience what it is that you are trying to tell them about. When they see something you have taught actually happening in real life then those that found it difficult to pick up initially will understand it almost immediately.
  • It brings kids closer to nature – If you are teaching about the sciences then having the kids stuck in the classroom all day long is not conducive to good learning. Getting them outside however experiencing world expedition tours and showing them how nature works and how major changes everything is an excellent way to allow them to keep the knowledge inside their brains.
  • Increased confidence about learning – When children experience what is known as the ‘light bulb moment’ it is a wonderful time to be an educator. You have show them how everything works in the book and yet the matter how much effort you put into trying to get the point across, it never really seems to go in. A trip outside the classroom however makes things a lot clearer and so that can be beneficial for both the educator and the student.

Hopefully these three benefits have convinced you that getting the kids out of the school and bringing them on school trips is essential if they are to learn and if they are to grow.

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