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Web Design For Travel Agencies: An Insight Into The Basics!

Regardless of the size and services of your travel agency, you must consider investing in a website. Thanks to easy access to the internet, more people now prefer doing an online search before they book a travel package. Since middlemen and local agents are not required, agencies have the scope to offer better services and deals online, and in a way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. designing for a travel agency can be tricky, because you have to do business but must also ensure that visitors stay longer on the website. If you want to build your own website, here are some quick aspects that must be considered.

Consider using a website builder

Small travel agencies and services don’t have big budgets to hire a web developer, and that’s fine. You can always consider a website builder, which basically offers all the templates, tools, and features required to put a functional website together. One of the better website builders is Wix, which has hundreds of templates, including ones that are designed for the travel and tourism niche. You can also consider using other popular choices, such as Weebly, GoDaddy and WordPress.

Choose the right domain and hosting plan

Your business website has the potential of becoming a travel brand, and therefore, the domain needs more attention than anything else. If you can find the exact name as your business, register it immediately, or else, you can settle for a domain that defines your company and is also relevant to the travel niche. The hosting plan is as important as the domain, because it determines the overall accessibility and availability of your website. BlueHost and HostGator have great places that you can consider. For a single domain, you don’t need to pay much, but get a package that offers unlimited bandwidth and assured uptime.

Create the right design

Gone are times when designing a website was all about selecting a theme. Travel agencies, in particular, need o ensure that people use their websites extensively, for which using high-quality images, videos, and blogs is critical. Make sure that your website is responsive, has good content, and since you want to make profits, have the right ‘call to action’ tab. Do not use too many design elements, and popups, because contemporary travel websites are all about minimalism, and people want content more than just buzz.

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