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Elephant Sanctuaries Offer Something New to Thailand Tourists

People flock to Thailand every year to take advantage of magnificent tourist attractions, some of the best nightlife on the planet, and a lot of fun shopping malls, but if you’re a tourist there and you want to enjoy something a little different, the country can still accommodate you. One of the lesser known, but most incredible attractions is the elephant sanctuary, which is located in several cities across the country. These sanctuaries have elephants of all ages that you can get up close and personal with, and best of all, they take excellent care of them and treat them with respect so they can live out their lives comfortably and happily.

Ethical Treatment Makes a Big Difference

Elephant sanctuaries allow tourists to pet the animals, bathe them, and feed them, but it is all done under the watchful eyes of the workers whose job is to make sure those elephants stay safe and treated well. These sanctuaries take elephants who have nowhere else to go for one reason or another and bring them to a place where they will be comfortable, well-fed, and treated the way all animals have a right to be treated. They are also places you can visit to learn all about this magnificent animal, because they include education areas and even a gift shop that consists of other ways to learn about them. Sanctuaries that offer treatments of ethical elephant in Thailand can be found in many of the larger cities, and you can also learn about volunteer opportunities in case you get hooked on the elephants while you’re there!

Why Is Elephant Poop Important?

One of the many interesting things you’ll learn when you visit an elephant sanctuary is that this animal’s poop can actually be used to make various products, including soap. It is just one of the many products you can purchase when you visit these sanctuaries, but you can also get t-shirts, water bottles, stationary products, and even special food for the animals that you can feed to them while you’re there. So, not only can you get close to these beautiful creatures and give them the love that they deserve, but you also have a choice of products you can buy before you leave so that you can have something special to remember your visit there.

With locations in Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, elephant sanctuaries are a not-to-be-missed tourist attraction whenever you’re in Thailand and you want something unique to do. You can schedule tours of various lengths, including overnight stays, so that by the time you leave, you will have learned some very valuable facts and details about all types of elephants. The baby elephants are super cute, but you’ll love snuggling up to any of the animals on the premises because they are all loving, docile creatures that you’ll love spending time with. Not only is this a great educational experience for people of all ages, but it is a lot of fun as well, and you’ll especially love getting wet as you give “your” elephant an all-important bath!



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