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Delicious Street Foods You Must Try in Pune

Delhi is renowned for its melt-in-the-mouth street food. From special ChholeBhatureat North Campus to RabriFaludaat Chandni Chowk,it is a paradise for foodies. However, many other cities have emerged as close competitors to the capital’s delicacies. Pune, in particular, is replete with food carts, joints and khaogallis. Besides the signature pavs, they offer plenty of sought-after Marathi foods. If you are a gastronomic connoisseur, taking Delhi to Pune flights will be absolutely worth it. Take a look at the most palatable street food for a sweet and spicy hit.


Quite popular among Delhiites, this is the ultimate answer to your sweet and savory cravings. Pune vendors add a new dimension with tangy date chutney and jaljeera for a unique burst of flavor. The other ingredients are sliced onions, coriander leaves, sev, lemon juice, nuts, tomatoes and tangy chutney. Take your pick from samosa chaat, aloochaat and dahipapdichaatfor a sinfully delicious experience.

Street Dosa

Almost every Delhiite has tried the South Indian food of CP’s Saravana Bhavan. But if you have booked flight tickets from Delhi to Pune, tasting the lip-smacking street dosa is a must here. With Ghee, Maggi, Onion, Rava, Pizza-Style, Millet, Plain, Butter and Masala dosa, you are spoilt for choice. Each is served with sambhar and chutney, which makes for a drool-worthy meal.

This is one of the most sold items on the roadsides and is relished by one and all. It is a traditional drink of Pune, which comes with generous amounts of toppings. Made from fresh raw mangoes, this refreshing beverage is an ideal antidote for the summer heat. It is known to contain loads of fibers, which improves your digestive system too. After deboarding your Delhi to Pune flight, head over to Hotel Tilak or nearby areas for a glass of KairiPahna.

Meat Kebabs
For all meat lovers, Pune offers a plethora of non-vegetarian dishes. Beef kebab rolls and mutton seekh kebab are available for as less as ₹40. Pune-ites love the fresh ingredients and aromas, which add to the lingering aftertaste. When paired with mint chutney and onions, it is definitely a party in your mouth. While looking for flight tickets from Pune to Delhi, find out the best joints near your stay location for a hearty meal.

Kutchi Dabeli
This is basically an award-winning sweet snack, made from potatoes and served in a pav. It is garnished with pomegranates and onions for an authentic taste. It is best savored with chutneysmade from red chillies or tamarind. Take a plate of sev or cheese dabeli at throwaway prices for a finger-licking experience. However, make sure not to go overboard to avoid falling sick before returning home.

Pune is packed with legendary outlets that have been serving customers for decades. Most dishes come with a variety of toppings and flavors. Therefore, make sure to explore every bit before boarding your Pune to Delhi flight back home.

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